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Llamar a Africa
Prepaid Phone Cards for Botswana Botswana  2.66¢
Cheap Phone Cards for Nigeria Nigeria  2.63¢
International Calling Cards for Zimbabwe Zimbabwe  2.00¢
Llamar a Asia
Discount Calling Cards for Bangladesh Bangladesh  0.92¢
International Prepaid Phone Cards for India India  0.12¢
International Phone Cards for Nepal Nepal  3.60¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Pakistan Pakistan  1.00¢
Calling Cards for Sri Lanka Sri Lanka  2.99¢
Llamar a Asia Pacific
Prepaid Calling Cards for China China  0.07¢
Free Phone Cards for Hong Kong Hong Kong  0.07¢
Cheap Phone Cards for Indonesia Indonesia  1.25¢
International Calling Cards for Japan Japan  0.25¢
Discount Calling Cards for Korea - South Korea - South  0.13¢
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Malaysia Malaysia  0.13¢
International Phone Cards for Philippines Philippines  4.55¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Singapore Singapore  0.10¢
Calling Cards for Taiwan Taiwan  0.10¢
Prepaid Calling Cards for Thailand Thailand  0.10¢
Free Phone Cards for Vietnam Vietnam  0.80¢
Llamar a Europe
Cheap Phone Cards for Denmark Denmark  0.13¢
International Calling Cards for France France  0.10¢
Discount Calling Cards for Germany Germany  0.07¢
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Italy Italy  0.10¢
International Phone Cards for Russia Russia  0.33¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Switzerland Switzerland  0.12¢
Calling Cards for United Kingdom United Kingdom  0.12¢
Llamar a Latin
Prepaid Calling Cards for Argentina Argentina  0.13¢
Free Phone Cards for Guatemala Guatemala  2.49¢
Cheap Phone Cards for Honduras Honduras  4.00¢
International Calling Cards for Peru Peru  0.20¢
Discount Calling Cards for Venezuela Venezuela  0.15¢
Llamar a Middle East
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Egypt Egypt  3.11¢
International Phone Cards for Lebanon Lebanon  2.99¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Morocco Morocco  0.55¢
Calling Cards for Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia  2.50¢
Llamar a North America
Prepaid Calling Cards for Canada Canada  0.10¢
Free Phone Cards for Mexico Mexico  0.40¢
Cheap Phone Cards for United States United States  0.25¢
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Nepali Tarjeta Telefónica de Descuento
New Prepaid Phone Card
Nepali Tarjeta Telefónica de Descuento
  Información de la Mejor Tarjeta y Tarifas  
  Calidad: de 5
Conección: de 5
Tiempo: quality quality quality quality quality de 5



Precio: $3.00
Precio: $5.00
Precio: $10.00
Precio: $20.00

  • No Connection Fee Calling Card.
  • Australia 2,429 min. Cell 101 min.
  • Bangladesh 404 min. Dhaka 404 min.
  • Cambodia 243 min. Canada 4,048 min.
  • China 4,048 min. Colombia 486 min.
  • India 1,214 min. Iran 105 min.
  • Italy 4,048 min. Japan 1,622 min.
  • Laos 243 min. Macau 607 min.
  • Mexico 311 min. Myanmar 23 min.
  • Nepal 121 min. Katmandu 38 min.
  • Netherlands 2,429 min. Cell 65 min.
  • Poland 4,048 min. Russia 1,214 min.
  • Vietnam 404 min. Yemen 37 min.
  • *Minutes Based On $5 Phone Card.

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